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Multi-functional reactor disassembly work and main features
Jun 07, 2019

In the multi-function reactor, each equipment will be equipped with separate heating, stirring and pressure components to ensure that each reaction can be carried out independently at different temperatures, pressures and stirring speeds, speeding up the screening of test conditions and reaction conditions. optimization. The reactor design is compact and simple, complete with accessories, including temperature probe, pressure gauge, intake valve, sampling valve, exhaust valve, stirring device, heating device. The kettle body and the heater can be completely separated, which greatly facilitates the disassembly work of the reaction kettle and improves work efficiency.

Mixing method of multi-function reaction kettle: internal magnetic stirring, there is no problem of shaft seal leakage and maintenance, ensuring no leakage of rotating parts, and the test is safer. The motor of the equipment adopts imported high-power motor, which is powerful and stable. The exhaust valve of the multi-function reaction kettle is convenient for vacuum treatment and replacement gas use before the reaction. When the reaction is finished, it acts as a vent valve. The reaction pressure is monitored in real time, and the reaction vessel is deeply penetrated inside the reactor body to monitor the reaction temperature in real time.

Multifunctional reactor features

1. Powerful: the three functions of mixing, dispersing and emulsifying can be completed in the same multifunctional reaction kettle;

2. Optional: the stirring, dispersing and emulsifying functions can be used alone or in different combinations according to the process requirements;

3. High efficiency: multiple functions can be completed in the same reactor, saving the time for materials to switch between the kettle and the kettle;

4. Economical: Three power systems are installed on the same body, which fundamentally saves the material of the two

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