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More precise study on the temperature control of the reactor
Oct 26, 2020

In today's food and pharmaceutical equipment industry and fine chemical equipment industry, the temperature of the reaction environment needs to be controlled in the process of material treatment, and it is very strict. Once the temperature problem occurs, the reaction is likely to fail or be insufficient, which will affect the production efficiency of the entire production line and bring risks to the enterprise. Today I would like to talk about a more precise study on the temperature control of the reactor.


The performance of temperature control system is very important for the production process with high requirements. A German company has invented an intelligent adaptive adjustment device that can adjust its own parameters in order to optimize the practical application during the operation of the constant temperature system. In order to produce high-quality products, the thermostatic system must monitor the temperature change in the reaction kettle in real time during the production process, especially in the reaction process of strong endothermic and strong exothermic heat. In process technology, high efficiency and reliability are indispensable. Long-term stability includes stability in the low temperature range. Only under constant temperature working conditions can the process simulation process and the reliability of the synthesis technology be guaranteed.

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