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Methods to prevent corrosion of carbon steel in plate heat exchanger
Aug 12, 2020

In order to prevent the corrosion of carbon steel plate heat exchanger, also take two measures: one is to two sets of molecular sieve purifier central pipe material from the original carbon steel to stainless steel; The second is to replace the post-cooler of the expander made of carbon steel with stainless steel structure to ensure the safe and long-term operation of the air separation device.


In order to avoid the main heat exchanger plugging failure, the following measures can be taken:


1) Increase monitoring points. During the renovation of the air separation unit, a temperature measuring point was added on the inlet and outlet pipelines of each plate unit of the main heat exchanger.


2) Clean the main heat exchanger. The main heat exchanger is cleaned and the auxiliary heat exchanger unit is added.


3) Strengthen on-site maintenance and construction management. Require the whole process control of maintenance. Before loading or unloading the molecular sieve, a blind plate must be installed on the flange of the center pipe. In addition, the equipment inspection and acceptance procedures shall be strictly implemented and the maintenance quality shall be strictly controlled by the way of special person in charge and key supervision. Further improve the process treatment steps after maintenance. Make a full assessment of the hazards and hidden dangers that may be caused to the equipment during the maintenance process, and make corresponding emergency plans to minimize the possibility of failure.

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