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Method for safe use of reaction kettle
Jan 20, 2020

Avoid the reaction kettle, still fire explosion accident, in addition to strengthen safety education training and site safety management, strengthening equipment maintenance, prevent the formation of explosive mixtures, timely cleaning equipment line within the scale, good control in and out of the material flow velocity, use explosion-proof electrical equipment and good grounding, also in accordance with the safety operation procedures and the post safety operation procedures. During distillation operation, the process parameters such as temperature, pressure, feed quantity and reflux ratio should be strictly controlled. The valve opening degree should be appropriate when steam heating is used to prevent the material from evaporating rapidly and the pressure in the system will rise rapidly. Keep the equipment piping of the distillation system unblocked at all times to prevent the danger of pressure rise caused by the clogging of the inlet and outlet pipes and valves. To avoid low boiling matter and water into the high temperature distillation system, the high temperature distillation system must be started before the kettle, tower and auxiliary equipment condensate water must be discharged, in order to prevent its sudden contact with the high temperature material instantaneous vaporization pressurization and lead to spray or explosion.


The reaction kettle and distillation kettle shall have complete temperature, pressure, flow and other instruments and instruments. The vacuum pump of vacuum distillation shall be equipped with one-way non-return valve to prevent the air from entering the system when it stops suddenly. One-way non-return valve should be set at the connection between the low-pressure system and the high-pressure system to prevent the materials of the high-pressure container from entering the low-pressure system and exploding. Emergency pressure relief device must be installed in reaction kettle and distillation kettle with possible overpressure. Safety valve should be installed on the equipment generally. For equipment with unsuitable safety valve or more dangerous technology, blasting disc can be installed.

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