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Measuring device and measuring method for industrial reactor processing material amount
Aug 01, 2018

In industrial reactor processing, it is necessary to measure the amount of material processed. This professional measuring device solves the problem that the material volume and continuous production of the high-pressure reactor cannot be monitored online under supercritical conditions, so it brings a lot of users. Great convenience.


The measuring method of the amount of industrial reactor processing is to contain the gamma radiation source placed in the reaction kettle, the upper and lower detectors, and the detector is followed by the signal processing part and the control conversion part, and finally the output is proportional to the upper and lower detection. The current signal of the product is counted to characterize the amount of material in the kettle.


The shear recirculation device provided on the industrial reactor comprises a pressure pump, an extrusion mixing pump and a shearing pump, and the extrusion mixing pump comprises an inner tube, an outer tube, a main shaft and a mixing plate, and the outer tube and the inner tube form a hollow The jacket is fixedly connected to the inner tube by a bracket, and the main shaft is fixed with an inclined mixing plate.


The shearing pump comprises an upper cover, an upper seat plate, a lower cover and a lower seat plate, and the upper seat plate uniformly provided with the material hole is fixedly connected with the upper cover, the lower seat plate is provided with a discharge hole and is connected with the lower cover, and is fixed on the lower seat plate The pin is disposed in the hole of the upper seat plate; the lower cover outlet of the shear pump is located at the top of the reaction kettle

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