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Measures to prevent fire hazard of stainless steel reaction kettle
Oct 29, 2020

In general, the use of stainless steel reaction kettle in the production of raw materials, intermediates and even the product itself is flammable, explosive, easy to corrode substances, so how do we prevent the stainless steel reaction kettle fire hazards?


(1) Fire resistance equipment. It includes safety liquid seal, water seal, flame arrester, one-way valve, fire retardant valve, etc., whose function is to prevent the flame into the reactor equipment, pipe or prevent the flame from expanding in between.


(2) Explosion-proof pressure relief equipment. It includes safety valve, bursting disc (explosion-proof disc), vent pipe, etc., which are installed on pressure vessel, pipeline and other production equipment to play the anti-pressure and explosion-proof role.


(3) Automatic detector. Used to detect the concentration and temperature of combustible gas.


(4) The Spark extinguisher. Equipment and devices installed to produce a spark to prevent the flight of a spark combustible.

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