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Matters needing attention in hoisting and installation of plate heat exchanger
Aug 18, 2020

The center of gravity of the equipment should be paid attention to when the plate heat exchanger is being transported and lifted. The hoisting force should act on the two compacting plates, and should not be hung on the pipe, upper and lower guide rod, and the front pillar transfer plate.


When plate heat exchanger is installed, there should be enough space around it for maintenance. The equipment is placed flat on the foundation platform. Align the screw holes on the side connection plate of the fixed compression plate, press down the shaft to level, and tighten the anchor bolts.


After the equipment is in place, when installing the pipeline, it shall be equipped with full valve, pressure gauge and thermometer on the pipeline, exhaust valve at the exit, and vent at the lower part of the inlet and outlet shall be considered.


If the pump outlet pressure may be higher than the heat exchanger high use pressure, to install the pressure relief valve in the heat exchanger inlet. When there are inlet and outlet nozzles on the side of the active compacting plate, the line shall be flexible so that during operation, the plate shall be compensated for the change of the position of the active compacting plate due to leakage or other reasons.

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