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Material status, position and drum strength of scraper
Nov 03, 2019

Cutting blade machine cooling or heating () systems have jacketed type and spray type or special disturbed flow technology, according to the size of the slicing machine specification and material properties to design, can increase in thermal efficiency and increase the drum strength, and improve production, relative products by actual measurement, than conventional production machine production can be increased by 0.3 to 1 times. Cooling water using rotary joint, can reliably prevent water leakage, and the application of a new process, reduce the consumption of cooling water.


The material detection device added to the scraper is mainly composed of photovoltaic bracket, photoelectric detection element, rotating shaft, rotating rod, rotating head, controller and other components, which are located in a specific position and matched together in a corresponding way to play a role in the scraper.


The photoelectric bracket is fixed on the frame panel of the scraper, and the photoelectric detection element is installed on it to compare the photoelectric transmitter and the photoelectric receiver. And the rotating shaft can rotate through the plate of the scraper frame, and the plate is fixed radially. It is equipped with photoelectric detection plate near the side of the photoelectric bracket, and the other end is fixed and connected with the rotating rod, while its corresponding other end is connected with the rotating head.


The rotating head is supported by gravity on the outer surface of the feeding coil of the scraper. The controller is mainly used to receive the information of the photoelectric detection element in the device. When the photoelectric detection element detects the spot detection element, it can automatically control the machine to stop and power off. Since there is no material detection device, it can timely and accurately detect the material state and position of the material reel on the scraper, which provides a guarantee for the completion of slicing, and the problem of material waste has been well solved.


The blade cutting machine drives the cylinder body to rotate with the speed of the reducer. The liquid phase material forms a film material on the cylinder wall. Through the heat transfer on the surface of the cylinder, the liquid (water, solvent, etc.) is evaporated to complete the drying of the material.

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