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Material selection of stainless steel water storage tank
Jan 16, 2019

At present, the most common types of stainless steel water storage tanks on the market have 304, 316, 444, 201 and so on. SUS304 stainless steel water storage tank has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and rust resistance; non-magnetic, excellent processing property and welding performance, strong corrosion resistance to oxidizing acid, lye and most organic acids And inorganic acids also have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, is the most common and most extensive choice for the production of stainless steel water storage tanks.


SUS316 has good welding performance, pitting resistance, especially high temperature strength, excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion, and good resistance to chloride attack. Corrosion resistance in seawater and various other media. 304 is good. Therefore, it is usually used in harsh conditions such as marine and chemical industrial environments.


SUS444 is a high corrosion resistant ferritic stainless steel with high yield strength and strong magnetic properties. The stainless steel water storage tank of this kind of material has the greatest advantage of being resistant to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking, and is more suitable for urban water supply stainless steel water storage tank in coastal

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