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Manufacturing process of stainless steel storage tank
Apr 26, 2020

Stainless steel storage tank, is made of stainless steel storage tank. Is it difficult to make stainless steel for stainless steel storage tanks?


Stainless steel storage tank and the ordinary rolling plastic storage tank, stainless steel storage tank can withstand higher pressure, in many necessary applications. The sealing performance of the tank is excellent, which completely eliminates the invasion of harmful substances and mosquitoes in the air, and ensures that the liquid stored in the tank will not be contaminated by the outside world. The above advantages make the stainless steel tank is mostly used to store and transport food, medicine, and generally used in the brewing and dairy industry.


Stainless steel storage tank container equipment manufacturing fastigious and useful and beautiful and neat concept, so in the manufacturing process of stainless steel container equipment on the raw material of stainless steel processing is very important. During the construction of stainless steel, the general steps and procedures are as follows: material shot blasting disposal -- coating with local coating -- welding, manufacturing, installation, pressure testing -- redisposal -- coating with subsequent paint.


For the clearing of the metal surface of stainless steel storage tank, first stop the pre-disposal of the surface of the material, and then spray primer, etc. After the completion of the tank construction, stop the surface clearing of the weld bead of the tank, as well as the work of repainting primer, finally spray intermediate paint and finish paint on the whole tank.


Stainless steel in the processing of its processing hardness causes tool wear faster, and it is difficult to remove chips. The low heat conductivity of stainless steel causes the plastic deformation of the cutting pin edge and faster tool wear. The chemical relationship between the cutting tool and the processed material constitutes the working hardening and the low heat conductivity of the processed material. In the processing of stainless steel container equipment chips are easy to form small pieces of powder chips on the cutting pin edge, and cause bad processing surface.

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