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Maintenance method of reaction kettle
Apr 09, 2020

(1) installation site: the reaction kettle should be installed in the high-voltage operation room that meets the explosion-proof requirements. When equipped with multiple reaction kettles, they should be placed separately. Each two of them should be separated by a safe explosion-proof wall.


(2) after opening the package, check whether there is any damage to the equipment. Install the equipment according to the model of the equipment according to the structure diagram, and check the equipped parts according to the packing list. Heating mode if the heat conduction oil heating, please according to use to purchase the corresponding models of heat conduction oil temperature (note: the heat conduction oil contains water) should never be allowed to join, join the jacketed refueling upper open clamp and the upper part of oil level in the mouth open, through to refuel refueling mouth flow of oil to oil level, oil level screw mouth to death after, not to screw die lest produce pressure filler.


(3) installation and sealing of kettle body and lid: Kettle body and kettle cover use gaskets or cone and circular arc line contact below, by mutual compression tighten the nuts to make them achieve good sealing effect, tighten the nut to be diagonal symmetrical gradually tighten the tension for many times, when the force uniform, do not allow the kettle lid tilted to one side, in order to achieve good sealing effect, when tighten the nut shall not exceed the prescribed tightening torque 40 ~ 120 n. M range, to prevent wear and sealing surface is crushed or overload sealing surface should be special to cherish, every time before you install the upper and lower sealing face with more soft paper or cloth to wipe clean, pay special attention to don't put the kettle body, kettle lid seal face with scars, If reasonable operation can be used for more than ten thousand times, after the sealing surface is damaged, it needs to be reprocessed and repaired to achieve good sealing performance. When removing the lid, the lid should be slowly lifted up and down to prevent the sealing surface between the body and the lid from colliding with each other. If the seal is gasket seal (ptfe, aluminum cushion, copper cushion, asbestos cushion, etc.), by tightening the main nut can achieve a good sealing effect.


(4) the installation of valve, pressure gauge and safety valve can achieve the sealing effect by tightening the positive and negative nuts. The arc sealing surface at both ends of the connection shall not rotate relatively. When assembling all the screw connection parts, it shall smear the graphite mixed with lubricant or oil to avoid death. Valve use: needle valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, pressure tight cover can achieve good sealing performance, do not force too much, so as not to damage the sealing surface.


(5) after the equipment is installed, enter a certain amount of nitrogen to keep pressure for 30 minutes to check whether there is any leakage. If there is any leakage, please use soap to find the leakage point of pipe and pipe mouth, and then release the gas and tighten it.


(6) when cooling, water can be used through the cooling coil for internal cooling, fast cooling is prohibited, to prevent excessive temperature difference stress, resulting in cooling coil, kettle body crack. When the temperature in the kettle exceeds 100℃, the water jacket between the magnetic agitator and the lid should be filled with cooling water to ensure that the water temperature is less than 35℃ to avoid demagnetization of magnetic steel.


(7) safety device: straight arch metal blasting disc, made of stainless steel, according to the national standard gb567-89 "arch metal blasting technical conditions" manufacturing, factory has been tested well, not to be adjusted at will. If the blasting has been carried out, it shall be replaced again. The time limit of replacement shall be determined by the using unit according to the actual situation of the unit. For those whose blasting pressure exceeds the nominal bursting pressure of the bursting disc but does not explode, it shall be replaced.


(8) after the reaction, first for cooling, and then the gas through the pipeline leakage within the kettle to outdoors, makes the pressure inside the kettle fell to atmospheric pressure, it is strictly prohibited to bring pressure to remove, then the main bolt, nut symmetrically to loosen, then carefully remove the kettle lid (or rising kettle lid) on the bracket, should pay special attention to in the process of unloading cover sealing surface protection.


(9) cleaning in the kettle: after each operation, clean the residue of the kettle body and sealing surface with cleaning fluid (use of the cleaning fluid should pay attention to avoid corrosion to the main material). Clean and keep clean, and do not allow cleaning with hard materials or rough surface items.

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