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Maintenance and replacement of various rubber parts in spiral plate heat exchangers
May 25, 2018

Although the components in the spiral plate heat exchanger are very durable, they will gradually deteriorate after being used for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the aging seals on the spiral plate heat exchanger first; then according to different dirt. The acid-alkali cleaning tank is used for chemical cleaning. The surface of the parts to be cleaned will not be corroded by chemical media.


At the same time, the bonding position and bonding quality of each plate fin in the spiral plate heat exchanger shall be inspected; the classification shall be made according to the installation sequence, and then the plate fin assembly shall be carefully and carefully assembled so that the equipment constitutes a complete overall.


The spiral plate in each spiral plate heat exchanger needs to be coated with a fluorescent test agent to check for fine cracks and corroded holes under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, and to clean it again. In addition, check the condition of the seal groove and trim if necessary.


There are also inspections and inspections on the reusable performance of the spiral plate heat exchangers. In the case of suspected corrosion, the wall thicknesses of the heat exchangers and pipes are checked. After the chemical cleaning of the spiral plate heat exchanger, the chemical medium remaining on the surface of the spiral plate heat exchanger etc. is completely removed by a high-pressure blowing device.


For adhesive gaskets in spiral plate heat exchangers, it is also necessary to thoroughly remove the remaining substances and then rebond them using a blended adhesive. The recombined heat exchanger sheet sets are clamped in a special fixture to cure the adhesive; and the heat is kept in the holding furnace to make the spiral plate heat exchanger achieve an excellent bonding effect. For non-adhesive gaskets, different devices are used to secure the gasket in the heat sink.


The above-mentioned are some rubber parts in the spiral plate heat exchanger. Their maintenance and replacement must be carried out in a corresponding manner, so that the equipment can better play the heat transfer effect, and extend the service life of the equipment. .

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