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Maintain the pressure strength and safety regulations of the reaction vessel
Nov 06, 2018

Maintain the compressive strength of the container

As a pressure-bearing equipment, the reaction vessel should be strictly in accordance with the design and manufacturing process of the pressure vessel to eliminate defects in quality such as welding. During the use of the container, it is necessary to prevent the wall from being thinned due to corrosion or the like, and the compressive strength is lowered. Therefore, the container should be periodically inspected, repaired, and subjected to a withstand voltage test to ensure the compressive strength of the container.

Produced in strict accordance with safety regulations

The process specification of the reaction vessel needs to be examined and approved by a special scientific research and design unit. Without the corresponding identification of these departments, it is not allowed to change the production process. Production operators must be familiar with production process specifications, operating conditions, raw materials, products, intermediate products, heat release and fire and explosion hazard properties, to prevent operational errors.

Prevent uncontrolled reactions from occurring

The temperature, pressure, material composition and feeding sequence in the reaction vessel are strictly monitored and controlled according to regulations to keep the reaction normal.

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