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Main types and characteristics of water - cooled heat exchangers
Apr 01, 2020

The main types of water-cooled heat exchangers include shell and tube type (row tube and fin type) and plate type. Different from air cooling which relies on natural wind, the two media of water-cooled heat exchangers are artificially added and controlled, and both media need to be guided by pipes and have closed Spaces.


Column tube and tube shell type, which is a kind of medium pipes, pipe outside shell in another medium. Finned is outside of the heat exchange tube increases the fin, greatly increases the heat exchange area, and has the characteristics of compact heat exchanger with high efficiency. The concave and convex on the plate heat exchanger using plate and the sealing ring, formed the cold and hot fluid arranged alternately, tightly structure of joint, evenly arranged alternately, cold and hot medium of plate heat exchanger heat transfer effect is best.

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