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Magnetization antifouling treatment and performance improvement measures of spiral plate heat exchangers
Jan 12, 2018

Spiral plate heat exchanger after running for some time, the inner and outer walls of a layer of white scale attached to a small, mainly due to the water contains less soluble calcium, magnesium salts formed. To remove the spiral plate heat exchanger wall of such dirt, magnetization anti-scaling treatment after all, is a good idea.


Spiral plate heat exchanger magnetization anti-scaling treatment, is the use of water molecules have the polarity to prevent the generation of dirt. Because the water molecules are covalently combined, the single molecule of water is composed of polar and hydrogen bonds. When the water flows through a high-intensity magnetic field, the molecules in the water associate with the ion magnetic field and the original monolayer of multi-ions Associations are disassembled into individual or short-key associations, which at a certain speed perpendicularly cut the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field to generate induced currents.


Therefore, each ion in the same direction with the external magnetic field to establish a new magnetic field, the adjacent ion molecules with polarity, orderly mutual compression and attraction, resulting in changes in the crystallization conditions, the formation of the crystal is very relaxed, compressive , Poor tensile strength, and very brittle, its adhesion and adhesion is also very weak. As a result, they are not easily attached to the heated surface of the spiral plate heat exchanger to form scale.


In addition to doing spiral plate heat exchanger anti-scaling measures, but also to enhance its performance as possible, for example, in the case of a spiral plate heat exchanger, stripper bottom temperature should be controlled at 108 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, try to control at 110 ℃ ~ 115 ℃, the bottom temperature set at 113 ℃.


When the spiral plate heat exchanger at both ends of the lid after the open, the pipeline can not be washed with high pressure water heat exchanger, can only pull the hose to flush water outside. Another now, the relevant compressed air pressure to control the size.

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