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Key technologies for selection, installation and use of spiral plate heat exchangers
Mar 16, 2018

In the selection, installation and use of spiral plate heat exchangers, there are many requirements that need to be complied with. For example, if spiral plate heat exchangers are used in organic heat carrier thermal systems, in addition to the usual parameters such as temperature and pressure, they should also pass through Detailed process calculations determine the heat transfer area.


At the same time, the fluid velocity in the channel of the spiral plate heat exchanger should be higher than or equal to lm/s, so that the fluid can produce turbulent flow to achieve the heat exchange effect. Since the organic heat carrier is not corrosive to steel, it is generally sufficient to use a carbon steel spiral plate heat exchanger.


Secondly, before the installation of the spiral plate heat exchanger, a hydrostatic test should be conducted to determine the inlet and outlet of the flow channel, so as to avoid mistakes during piping; at the same time, it can also check whether the heat exchanger is leaking, deformation, etc. The pressure is 1.25 times the design pressure.


Because the flow paths of the spiral plate heat exchanger are spaced in parallel, and the spiral channel of the type I is welded from both ends, the simple method of division is to determine the inlet and outlet of the flow channel from the same number of gears as the number of gears at both ends. For easy connection.


In the stage of using spiral plate heat exchangers, if a single spiral plate heat exchanger can not meet the requirements of use, multiple units can be used in combination, but the parallel combination is limited to equipment of the same specification; the board width and channel spacing of the series combination equipment Should be the same; hybrid combination, one channel in parallel, the other channel in series, limited to the same specifications of equipment.

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