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Installation precautions for valves in chemical mixing tanks
Dec 06, 2018

The chemical mixing tank is suitable for the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and other industries. It is a widely used mixing equipment. Its installation is an important task before it is officially put into production, and it is also a key step related to the normal operation of the equipment. The installation of chemical mixing tank valves is also critical. Some valves tend to be similar in appearance, but the materials, pressure, and temperature grades are different, and the flanges are different, so they must be carefully verified before installation.


According to the valve model and the factory product specifications, use the necessary test conditions; check whether the valve fasteners, packing and mating materials meet the requirements of the working medium; whether the valve is flexible, whether there is any jam or irregularity, the closing should be tight.


When the chemical mixing tank valve is installed, it should normally be closed to prevent dirt from entering the valve and affecting its normal operation, so it should be verified before installation. It should be noted that the valve should be installed in a position convenient for maintenance; on the horizontal pipe, the valve stem of the installed valve should be vertically upward or inclined at a certain angle; for the shut-off valve, the fluid flow direction on the valve body should be noted. Mark the media so that it flows from under the valve disc.


The remaining regulating valves and flowmeters should be installed after washing and water circulation. The position of these instruments can be temporarily replaced by pipes of the same size. When installing the flowmeter, pay attention to the straight pipe section that meets the measurement requirements before and after

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