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Installation of heat exchanger safety valve
Aug 08, 2020

The installation of the heat exchanger safety valve must be carried out in accordance with the following provisions:


1) Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the nameplate parameters and marks on the safety valve are in accordance with the provisions of the design documents. Before installing the heat exchanger safety valve, it shall test and fix the pressure to the specified inspection department.


2) The heat exchanger safety valve must be installed vertically, and its outlet should be equipped with a discharge pipe to bring the discharged hot water to a safe place.


3) The pressure of the heat exchanger safety valve must be compatible with the maximum working pressure of the heat exchanger, and its opening pressure is generally 1.1 times of the working pressure of the hot water system.


4) After the opening pressure, discharge pressure and return seat pressure of the heat exchanger safety valve are adjusted, lead seal shall be carried out to prevent random changes in the adjusted state, and the debugging record shall be made.

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