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Installation method of stainless steel tank insulation
Nov 12, 2020

Stainless steel storage tank in the process of use, in addition to sealing measures to ensure that the stored substances are not contaminated, but also to ensure that the contents will not appear local high temperature or carbonization, which we need to do insulation measures.


1. Carefully clean the dirt and putty on the surface of stainless steel storage tank, and ensure the surface is dry.


2. Wear and hang the insulation layer from top to bottom or embed it on the fixing parts and attach it to the surface of the storage tank.


3. Cross-strap and tighten with galvanized iron wire to make the insulation layer close to the storage tank.


4, the insulation layer horizontally staggered arrangement.


After installing the insulation layer of stainless steel storage tank, it is recommended to check whether there is water in the tank first, to avoid water will lead to other problems in the working process of the equipment in the future.

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