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Installation and precautions for stainless steel reactor return pipe
May 21, 2019

When the stainless steel reactor is installed, install the electrical box on the top of the right rear pole and tighten the screws and insert the seven-pin plug. Install the vacuum gauge on the left rear end and tighten the screws. According to the height of use, the round bracket of the kettle is fixed on the vertical pole slider, and the kettle is placed on the bracket. The semi-circular hoop is used to insert the pole of the kettle into the pole of the kettle, and after tightening, the fixing screws are tightened. Note that the stainless steel reactor body is vertical.

After unpacking the rotary evaporator, check the packing list to see if the main parts of the stainless steel reactor are fully prepared. The stir bar is fixed on the ring clamp of the motor main shaft. The stir bar passes through the middle rotary bearing of the cover, tightens the special connector, and then adjusts the position of the motor, paying attention to the vertical concentricity.

The key point is to introduce the installation of the return pipe of the stainless steel reactor. The stainless steel reaction kettle overcomes the shortcomings of the slow cooling of the reactor heated by the heat transfer oil, reduces the safety hazard of the steam boiler, and avoids the use of the steam boiler. Condensate takes away a lot of energy and water.

The stainless steel reactor reflux device comprises a material pipe and a return pipe and a hydraulic pump. The material pipe is connected to the bottom of the reaction kettle, and the material pipe is mounted on the hydraulic pump, and one end of the return pipe is connected with the liquid discharge side of the hydraulic pump, and the return pipe is connected. The other end is connected to the upper part of the reaction kettle, and a return valve is installed on the return pipe; the material pipe is disposed on the feeding side of the hydraulic pump with a discharge pipe, and the discharge pipe is provided with a discharge valve, and the material pipe is located at the hydraulic pump A pressure filter is also installed on the liquid discharge side, and a pressure filter valve is arranged on the feed side of the pressure

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