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Influence of temperature on stainless steel reactor
Oct 28, 2020

The pressure value we set for the stainless steel reaction kettle is regulated in accordance with GB150. The surface of the stainless steel reaction kettle is made of metal, and the products we need to process are also made of metal, so we need to maintain the stability of temperature. The temperature we are talking about here is the metal temperature, mainly refers to the pressure of the container, we take the temperature measurement in the cross section of the element, these measured temperature is the metal temperature. Under no circumstances shall the surface temperature of the element metal exceed the permissible operating temperature of the steel.


Design temperature refers to the higher or lower temperature that the shell wall or element metal may reach under normal operation of the vessel under the corresponding design pressure. When the temperature of the shell wall or element metal is lower than -20 ℃, the design temperature shall be determined according to the lower temperature; In addition, the design temperature will be selected at a higher temperature. The design temperature shall not be lower than the higher metal temperature that the element metal may reach; For metal temperatures below 0℃, the design temperature shall not be higher than the lower metal temperature that the element metal may reach.


In addition, there is a special note that due to the different production process and operating conditions, the jacket heating type is also divided into electric bar heating, steam heating, heat conduction oil circulating heating several heating modes, which heating mode to choose or to be decided according to the actual situation.

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