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Industrial reactor classification and design of its sealing device
Mar 24, 2018

An industrial reactor is a special type of industrial production device. It can distinguish types from different aspects such as operation method, flow model, and structure type. If the method of adding the reaction material to the industrial reactor is different, it can be divided into an intermittent industrial reactor, a semi-batch or semi-continuous industrial reactor and a continuous industrial reactor.


Second, according to the different structures of industrial reactors, they can be divided into three types of reactors: tubular, trough, and tower. It can also be classified according to the flow model, and can be divided into the ideal flow model and the non-ideal flow model from the backmix situation. There are two extreme conditions for the ideal flow model, and there is no backmixing and flow reactor and backmixing is extremely large. The value of the full mixed industrial reactor.


In addition, the phase state of the reactants in the industrial reactor can also be used as a basis for equipment classification, and is divided into a homogeneous reactor and a heterogeneous industrial reactor. The homogeneous industrial reactor is divided into gas phase and liquid phase. Heterogeneous industrial reactors are divided into gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid-solid and other industrial reactors.


In addition to the diversification of types, the industrial reactor is also very special in the design of its sealing device. It uses a sealed automatic docking device for feeding and discharging. With the docking device, automatic sealing operation of the industrial reactor charging process can be realized.


This sealing device in industrial reactors includes material weighing tanks, pneumatic vacuum valves, body mounts, pneumatic actuators and cylinders, observation windows, suspension rods, stainless steel bellows, interlocking safety devices, butt joints, and drum feeding. Mouthpieces, such as butt joints, are components that fit together in a specific way and play an important role.

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