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Importance of heat preservation device in reaction kettle
Oct 16, 2020

We all know that the precondition for a reactor to work is that there must be sufficient heat supply, especially during the process of insulation. Heat is the core of equipment work, and the thermal insulation device has become the heart of the reactor. In order to prevent the fluctuating heat supply from affecting product quality, the thermal insulation device for the reactor came into being. The thermal insulation device for the reactor is mainly divided into internal thermal insulation and external thermal insulation.


1. Internal insulation of the reactor. Inside the reactor, there is a protective barrel and thermal insulation lining, which is acid-alkali resistant, corrosion resistant and can better withstand various moisture absorption reactions. High-quality lining is the absolute prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment, so the thermal insulation system of the reactor is built from the inside.


2. External insulation of the reactor. Only internal repair is not enough, internal and external repair and coordination can achieve the optimal effect. The thermal insulation of the hot water pipe in the reaction kettle absorbs the lost heat, and the dustproof pipe can effectively prevent condensation caused by cooling.

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