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How to install a paddle stirrer in a stirred tank
Dec 15, 2018

Each reactor equipment is inseparable from the stirrer. The special paddle stirrer in the stirred tank consists of a stirring blade, a stainless steel reactor positioning button, a ferrule, a collar, a spindle, a bottom support, etc., and the stirring blade has a straight line. It can be made of flat steel, thick leather pipe or angle steel. When the material to be agitated is seriously corroded by steel, it can be made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metal, or it can be coated with steel blades. Rubber, epoxy, phenolic resin, glass steel, etc.


The special paddle agitator for the stirred tank is characterized by simple structure, low running speed, generally 20~18r/min, and peripheral speed in the range of 1.5~3m/s. It is widely used to promote heat transfer and mixing of soluble solids. And dissolved; suitable for liquid materials with large fluidity and low viscosity, also suitable for fibrous and crystalline solutions.


The diameter of the paddle stirrer is 1/3~2/3 of the inner diameter of the stirred tank, and the blade should not be too long, because the power consumed by the stirrer is proportional to the 5th power of the blade diameter. When there are more liquids, in order to enhance the stirring effect, several layers of blades are often installed on the stirring shaft; the adjacent two layers should be installed at 90° to each other, and the installation position of several layers of blades is the lowest layer, and the welding is installed on the lower head. Line height.


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