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How to choose the material of an industrial reactor?
Jun 08, 2018

When an enterprise selects an industrial reactor, it usually has to determine whether it has the qualification as a pressure vessel. This is the most basic. If so, consider the next step. The selection of equipment materials is generally based on the working conditions of the industrial reactor, the medium and the reaction temperature, and the like.


The materials used in industrial reactors should be considered based on the characteristics of the materials. There are mainly the following situations: no corrosion; intergranular corrosion; stress corrosion; chemical corrosion. The basic properties of the reaction materials in an industrial reactor determine whether carbon steel or stainless steel is used or what type of stainless steel is used.


Judging from past experience, when the materials in an industrial reactor are subject to intergranular corrosion, the solution treated stainless steel should be used. When the medium is corroded and stainless steel is used as an anti-corrosion material, three types of structures can be used, namely, an all-stainless steel structure, an outer stainless steel structure lined with an anti-corrosion material, and a composite plate structure.


Which structure should be used in an industrial reactor should be determined based on considerations such as wall thickness, manufacturing process, and economic performance. In an environment where stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion will occur, an all stainless steel structure is not suitable.

Otherwise, serious accidents may occur due to sudden material cracking.


In fact, the right choice of materials for industrial reactors is a key link. All relevant companies should select suitable industrial reactor materials according to their own working conditions. This can promote the equipment to meet application requirements and help extend its service life. .


General industrial reactor manufacturers will provide users with professional selection recommendations, and then customers choose according to their own economic conditions, useful life, and equipment accuracy requirements, in order to fully reflect the advantages of industrial reactors in practical applications.

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