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How to check industrial reactors
Mar 24, 2019

How to check industrial reactors

There are many types of industrial reactors we use today, and the pressure requirements during the reaction process are different for the design of the container. Through the structural design and parameter configuration of the container, the heating, evaporation, cooling and low-speed mixing function required by the process are realized. Therefore, production must be processed, tested and tested in strict accordance with the corresponding standards.


After using the industrial reactor for a while, we have to check it. Before disassembly inspection, first look at whether the reaction materials in the industrial reactor are exhausted. If not, drain them and clean them with a gas-liquid medium that is harmless to the human body to prevent personal injury to the demolition personnel.


Regularly check the swing amount of the industrial reactor agitator shaft. If it is found that the swing amount is large, it should be disassembled immediately to replace the bearing and bushing according to the structure diagram. Inspect the internal blades, baffles, guide tubes and other components to see if there is any damage. If it is bad, it should be replaced in time. Care should be taken in the inspection of industrial reactors to avoid omissions.


Whether industrial reactors are convenient and easy to use and routine maintenance are always inseparable. When using, always pay attention to the operation of the whole equipment and reducer, and then carry out corresponding maintenance and treatment according to the specific conditions. When the reducer oil is insufficient, it should be replenished immediately; the electric heating medium oil should be replaced every six months. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check the safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, distillation holes, electric heaters and other electrical instruments on the jacket and the lid to avoid normal use due to minor

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