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How the tower works
Mar 28, 2020

In addition to the working principle of tower of aldehyde is a mature mash the alcohol after crude distillation, the gaseous aldehyde from crude distillation tower into the tower through the tower of aldehyde and proper heating, cooling, reflux, thick alcohol contains aldehydes, esters and other low boiling point, volatile impurities from the eduction in tube row of aldehyde, alcohol to take off the aldehyde from aldehyde bottom into the liquid column, part of the head of wine from the wine in the head tube after entering the mash fermentation tank, or in the mature mash.


Under normal circumstances, the temperature at the bottom of the aldehyde-removing tower is 86-89 ℃, and the temperature at the top of the tower is controlled at 79℃. The water temperature of the 1* condenser on the aldehyde-removing tower should not be lower than 60℃, and the temperature of the last condenser should not be lower than 25℃.


The working principle of rectification tower is alcohol through the above two tower distillation, alcohol concentration needs to be further improved, the impurities should be ruled out, further rectification tower distillation purpose is through the heating evaporation, condensation, reflux, in addition to the first level on impurities, in fusel oil, the discharge level of impurities, get up to the standard of quality products, alcohol. Distillation towers are not confined to refining alcohol. The main function of distillation column is to separate mixed liquid, using different liquid in different conditions, such as different temperature, volatile (boiling point) different principle of liquid separation, so as to achieve the purification effect. Distillation column is mainly divided into plate column and film column. Plate tower is common, and its structure can be divided into plate, reboiler, condenser three parts.


Generally, the top temperature of the distillation tower should be controlled at 79℃, the bottom temperature should be controlled at 105-107 ℃, and the middle temperature should be between 88-92 ℃ under the normal condition of taking wine. The water temperature of the 1* condenser on the rectifying tower shall be 60-65 ℃, the 2* condenser shall be 35-40 ℃, and the temperature of the last condenser shall preferably not be lower than 25℃.

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