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How the distillation column works
Mar 27, 2020

In mature mash fermentation, is not only contain alcohol, also contain dozens of other compositions of substances, if combined with water, the content of these substances is far more than the content of alcohol, alcohol content in mature wake only about 7-11% (volume), which include water, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, lipids impurities almost 90%, to get pure alcohol, it is necessary to adopt the method of a certain, separate the alcohol from the mature mash. The production is to use the method of heating distillation, a variety of different boiling point, specific gravity, volatile substances from different equipment to separate, so as to get higher purity of alcohol. Working principle of crude distillation tower for mature fermented mash after preheating, into the upper part of the crude distillation tower and bottom continuously evenly heating steam is piped in, at this time due to the effect of heating can be mature mash gas liquid alcohol into alcohol, and other low boiling point and volatile impurities, all be gaseous, into the row with alcohol (also can be directly into the column), aldehyde tower bottom after distillation of waste discharge outside the tower.


When the crude distillation column runs normally, the top temperature of the column shall not be lower than 93℃, but it shall not be too high. It is generally controlled at 95-96 ℃. When the temperature is too low, the alcohol does not completely evaporate, and the rate of alcohol escape increases obviously. The boiling point of pure alcohol is 78.3℃, but the boiling point of mixed liquid mixed with water and other components is far more than 78.3℃, so the base temperature control of the crude distillation column should not be lower than 105℃, generally between 105℃ and 109℃. Before entering the crude distillation column, the mature mash must be preheated to reduce the temperature difference, which is conducive to the stable operation of the crude distillation column. Generally, the preheating temperature of mash should be controlled between 60 ℃ and 70℃, and some production units are generally 5-10 ℃ lower due to the influence of equipment performance.

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