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How stainless steel storage tanks work
Apr 21, 2020

Stainless steel storage tanks used in the system, when the system pressure is greater than prefi lled gas pressure, under the effect of system pressure, there will be a part of the working medium into the air sacs (for the diaphragm type into the tank), until the air outside the nitrogen pressure and pressure balance in the system, when the system pressure is greater than prefi lled gas pressure again, and there will be a part of medium enter inside the capsule, capsule and tank of gas, the gas is compressed pressure increases, when the system pressure and rise to the consistent, medium stop in, on the other hand, when the system pressure drop, the system within the medium pressure is lower than the sac and between the gas pressure of tank, The water in the air bag will be forced out by the gas to replenish the system, which will increase the pressure of the system until the pressure of the working medium of the system is equal to the pressure of the air between the capsule and the tank, and the water in the capsule will not be replenished by the external system to maintain a dynamic balance.

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