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How can chemical mixing tanks be shaped and shipped smoothly?
Apr 26, 2018

Chemical Mixer A typical chemical container that stores a variety of chemicals, so it has stringent requirements for materials and processes. However, the basic manufacturing process of the tank is similar, and it needs to undergo material acceptance, marking and cutting, coil welding, surface polishing, assembly and welding, assembly and stirring device, pressure test, detail polishing, commissioning, whole machine test pressure, and delivery Inspection, cleaning and a series of processes.


In order to meet the storage requirements of various types of chemicals, the raw material for the tube body of the chemical mixing tank is made of high quality 304, 316L stainless steel materials, and the incoming materials must be strictly tested. When the material is cut, it needs to be marked with a marker pen according to the drawn drawing size, and then it is finished through a process such as cutting, polishing, and rolling.


Next, the cut stainless steel plate is rolled into a coiler and assembled and welded. After welding, the roughness, verticality, and horizontality of the tank wall are all in compliance with the requirements; as the operator of the process, be sure to Be familiar with the control system of the coiler, the method of operation, and the bending process of the workpiece.


At this time, it can be found that the surface of the chemical mixing tank is rough and unclean when the surface of the cylinder is not polished, and the welding marks are obvious at the welding place. In order to perfect it, it needs to be polished to achieve a smooth, smooth surface.


After the cylinder of the chemical mixing tank is manufactured, the upper and lower heads, the base and the bracket need to be assembled and welded. When the welding is performed, the concavity and convexity, the verticality, and the horizontality of the upper and lower mouths of the tank wall are all in compliance with the requirements. And its stirring device is generally installed on the upper head, the base is welded at the opening of the upper head, and the stirring device is fixed on the base with a flange.


Then use the air compressor to test the pressure of the chemical mixing tank jacket. After all configurations are welded and formed, each detailed part of the chemical mixing tank is finely polished so that the surface of the tank body is bright and the mirror surface is achieved; the air-conditioning unit of the chemical mixing tank is again used for air conditioning and debugging in the jacket. Inject water medium for electrical heating.


After passing the test, the quality inspection personnel shall check the inside and outside of the chemical mixing tank; the products meeting the inspection standards can be washed with clean water to remove dust and impurities on the surface. The chemical mixing tank that will finally be shipped is packed with fiber cloth to prevent the equipment from being bumped.

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