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High pressure reactor design process to further improve
Feb 27, 2018

After continuous improvement, high-pressure reactor design process has been largely improved, whether it is the reactor body or controller section. The autoclave reactor body consists of a reaction vessel, a stirrer and a transmission system, a cooling installation, a safe installation, a heating furnace and the like.


The kettle body and the kettle cover are made of high-quality stainless steel. The kettle body is connected with the flange through threads and flanges. The kettle cover is a flat plate cover, both of which are fastened by the main bolts and nuts evenly distributed in the circumferential direction. Its main seal The mouth adopts the A-type double-line seal. The other sealing points adopt the sealing method that the arc surface and the plane are in contact with each other, and the arc surface and the arc surface are in contact with each other. With the high precision and brightness of the contact surface, good sealing effect is achieved.


In the reactor kettle body equipped with barrel-type silicon carbide furnace, electric furnace wire worn in the furnace core, the end of the furnace shell from the lower side of the piercing through the studs, rubber cables connected to the controller. The kettle cover is equipped with a pressure gauge, blasting membrane safe installation, vapor liquid valve, temperature sensor, easy to understand at any time the reaction state of the kettle, adjust the proportion of the media inside the kettle and ensure safe operation.


As an important part of the autoclave reactor body, the coupling is mainly composed of a pair of inner and outer magnetic rings with a strong magnetic force with a pressure-proof spacer in the middle. The agitator is driven by a servo motor through a coupling, Control the servo motor speed, you can reach the purpose of controlling the mixing speed. Between the magnetic coupling and kettle cover with cooling water jacket, when the operating temperature should be higher cooling water, and the magnet temperature is too high and demagnetization.


High-pressure reactor controller shell with a standard aluminum chassis, the cover can be drawn back for easy maintenance and overhaul; in the panel with the temperature of the digital form, voltmeter, tachometer and control switch and conditioning knob for the operator Operational use. In addition, all of its external leads from the rear panel through the waterproof connector leads from the controller terminals.

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