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Helical flow conditions of the heat exchanger
Mar 14, 2021

The design principle of the spiral baffle is very simple: a special plate with a circular cross section is installed in the " quasi spiral baffle system " . Each baffle occupies a quarter of the cross section in the shell side of the heat exchanger, and its inclination is facing The axis of the heat exchanger maintains an inclination with the axis of the heat exchanger.The peripheries of adjacent baffles are connected to form a continuous spiral with the outer circle. The axial overlap of the baffles, if you want to reduce the span of the supporting tube, a double helix design is also available . The spiral baffle structure can meet relatively wide process conditions. This design has great flexibility, and the best helix angle can be selected according to different operating conditions; the overlapping baffle or double helix baffle structure can be selected according to the situation.

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