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Heating methods and characteristics of various types of heated reactors
Mar 26, 2018

Heating reactors cover many types, such as electric heating reactors, steam heating reactors, heat transfer oil heating reactors, far-infrared heating reactors, and external coil heating reactors. These are distinguished by different heating methods. Come from.


There are mainly three types of heating reactors currently used in Canada, one is a heating reactor heated by a heat-conducting oil, and the other can be divided into a heat-conducting oil circulating heating and a heat-conducting oil direct electric heating, and the heat-conducting oil circulating heating extracorporeal circulation heating temperature More uniform, suitable for larger-scale production; and direct thermal heating of the oil is relatively simple, but large power consumption, suitable for small and medium-scale production.


The other type is a heating type reactor mainly based on electric heating. Its characteristic is that the heat source is clean and easy to operate. There is also a heating type reactor that uses a steam heating method. It is usually used under the cooperation of a high pressure steam boiler. , but also pay attention to the temperature control of hot steam.


For heating reactors such as far-infrared electric heating reactors, it belongs to single-layer reaction equipment. It transmits heat to far-infrared emitting devices through the resistance wire heat, and far-infrared radiation directly radiates heat to the material medium through short-wave breaking. It can form no dead angle and uniform temperature rise of the material in each area.


In fact, the far-infrared wiring is the same as the electric heating, except that the far-infrared devices can be combined into a sub-area on the circumference and the sub-area can be heated up and down. The number of electric heating powers can be finely adjusted by adjusting the percentage of heating power. The heating temperature is within 600 degrees. .

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