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Heat exchangers for spray drying design requirements
Mar 06, 2021

( 1 ) Reasonably realize the specified process conditions; 

( 2 ) The structure is safe and reliable; 

( 3 ) It is easy to manufacture, install, operate and maintain;

( 4 ) It is economically reasonable.

The tube sheet at one end of the floating head heat exchanger is fixed to the shell, while the tube sheet at the other end can float freely in the shell. The shell and tube bundle are free to expand. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the two media is large, the tube bundle and There is no thermal stress between the shells. The floating head end is designed as a detachable structure, so that the tube bundle can be easily inserted or drawn out of the shell. This provides convenience for maintenance and cleaning. However, the structure of the heat exchanger is more complicated, and the floating end small cover cannot know the leakage situation during operation. Therefore, pay special attention to its seal during installation.The structure of the floating head part of the floating head heat exchanger can be designed in various forms according to different requirements. In addition to the free movement of the tube bundle in the equipment, the convenience of maintenance, installation and cleaning of the floating head part must also be considered.The outer diameter Do of the floating head tube plate must be considered in the design.The outer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter Di of the shell. Generally, it is recommended that the gap between the floating head tube plate and the inner wall of the shell b1=3~5mm . In this way, when the hook loop from the floating head is removed, the tube bundle can be withdrawn from the housing. To facilitate maintenance and cleaning. The floating head cover can be assembled after the tube bundle is installed, so the necessary space for the floating head cover should be ensured in the design.

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