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Heat exchanger type and advantage
Oct 24, 2018

Jacket heat exchanger

The jacketed heat exchanger can be made by installing a jacket on the outer wall of the container. The structure of the whole device is simple, but the heating surface is limited by the wall surface of the container. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient and make the liquid in the kettle heat evenly, it can be installed in the kettle. Mixer. When the cooling water or the phase change-free heating agent is introduced into the jacket, a spiral baffle or other measures to increase the turbulence may be provided in the jacket to increase the heat transfer coefficient on the side of the jacket.

Immersive coil heat exchanger

Such a heat exchanger can effectively bend its metal tube into various shapes suitable for the container, and is immersed in the liquid in the container. The advantage of the coil heat exchanger is that it is simple in structure, can withstand high pressure, and can be used for corrosion resistance. Material manufacturing; its disadvantage is that the degree of liquid turbulence in the container is low, and the heat transfer coefficient outside the tube is small. To increase the heat transfer coefficient, a stirrer can be installed in the container.

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