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Heat exchanger precautions and advantages
Sep 29, 2018

Advantages of heat exchanger use

1. The tube bundle of the heat exchanger can be taken out to facilitate the cleaning of the tube and shell side.

2. Temperature difference between media is not limited

3. It can work under high temperature and high pressure. Its general temperature will be less than or equal to 450 degrees and the pressure will be less than or equal to 6.4 MPa.

4. Can be used in occasions where the scaling is serious.

5. It can be used in the occasion of easy corrosion of pipe.

Heat exchanger considerations

The heat exchanger keeps the pipe network clean. The pipe network must be cleaned after the work is completed before work. The purpose of this is to avoid the phenomenon that the heat exchanger is clogged. Timely cleaning of the decontamination unit and the filter allows the entire work to be completed smoothly.

The heat exchanger needs to strictly control the softened water. It is very important for the water quality control. Under the premise of treating the softened water, the water quality and softening tank water quality in the system should be carefully checked. .


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