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Heat exchanger plus lubricant and high recovery rate
Dec 11, 2018

When the heat exchanger is in use, its heat recovery rate is high, and the speed of its equipment can be adjusted by proportional adjustment. To some extent, by adjusting the efficiency of the rotation, it can adapt to different indoor and outdoor air parameters, due to the heat exchanger runner. It alternately reverses the wind, so it has a self-cleaning effect and is not easily blocked by dust.

Heat exchanger plus lubricant

1. Cleaning effect: The heat exchanger can remove impurities through the circulation of lubricating oil and filter through the filter.

2. Anti-rust effect: Prevents corrosion caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, dust and oxides.

3. Reduce friction: Adding a lubricant to the friction surface of the heat exchanger can reduce the friction coefficient, thereby reducing frictional resistance and saving energy.

4. Reduce wear: Adding lubricant to the heat exchanger reduces wear, surface fatigue, and wear due to adhesive wear.

5. Transmission power: In many cases, the addition of a lubricant to the heat exchanger has the function of transmitting

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