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Heat exchanger heat transfer surface shape and structure classification
Sep 28, 2019

(1) tube heat exchanger: the tube heat exchanger conducts heat transfer through the pipe wall. According to the different structure of the heat transfer pipe, it can be divided into several types, such as tube heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger and finned tube heat exchanger. Tubular heat exchangers are the most widely used.


(2) plate heat exchanger: plate heat exchanger conducts heat transfer through the plate surface. According to the structure of heat transfer plate, it can be divided into plate heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger, plate fin heat exchanger and hot plate heat exchanger.


(3) special type heat exchanger: this type of heat exchanger refers to the heat exchanger with special structure designed according to the special requirements of the process. Such as rotary heat exchanger, heat pipe heat exchanger, etc

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