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Heat exchanger design should include six points
Aug 16, 2020

The overall design of the heat exchanger includes the following points:


(1) According to the heat exchanger's maximum operating temperature and large working pressure, as well as its thermal design concept and frictional resistance value, the raw materials and specifications of each part are clearly defined to ensure the heat exchanger's characteristics in smooth operation.


(2) According to the heat exchanger operating temperature, pressure and fluid characteristics, select the welding process and rubber seals.


(3) To ensure the symmetry of fluid distribution as the overall goal, the development of stainless steel head, header, butt and baffle design concept.


(4) In order to consider the heat exchanger heating and friction resistance characteristics of the overall design, the key parts must be carried out strength check, in order to prevent in the ultimate working attitude due to the lack of compressive strength, resulting in damage or material selection is too thick and lead to luxury waste.


(5) to take into account the heat exchanger maintenance (including cleaning, repair and maintenance, etc.) and transport provisions.


For some heat exchangers working under unique standards, some also have to measure its welding stress in the starting and parking phase, carry over because of the fluid flow caused by structural changes, or in order to reduce the heat exchanger erosion and scale surface column calculation of water flow. To sum up, the overall design and the thermal design idea are equally necessary, and the design of the heat exchanger must be combined with each other, and they should be compatible.

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