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Heat exchanger core drawing matters needing attention
Aug 03, 2020

In the core-pulling process of the heat exchanger, the tube bundle is firstly extracted partly by using the positioning lug on the tube plate, and the distance can be used to install the core-pulling machine. As part of the old tube bundles of the heat exchanger have no positioning lifting lugs, it is necessary to use manual and crowbar to pry the gap of about 100mm outside the tube bundles inside the shell. Nylon sling is used to tie the tube bundles from the gap, and the crane is used to pull about 1m outside. The crane is used to coordinate with the screw core-pulling machine to easily pull out the tube bundles. But in the process of removing heat exchanger tube box and core-pulling, it is important to emphasize that the parts with possible presence of ferrous sulfide should be highly careful to avoid spontaneous combustion of ferrous sulfide. When the parts containing ferrous sulfide are exposed to the air, they should be sprayed with fresh water in a timely manner to prevent spontaneous combustion of ferrous sulfide.

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