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Glass reactor specific characteristics of the double
Mar 08, 2018

Glass reactor is a major category of reactor, which is a high silicon content of the capital glaze, sprayed on the surface of the metal tire, after about 900 ℃ high temperature firing, the enamel attached to the surface of the metal tire Into As a result, the glass reactor has the dual characteristics of glass stability and high metal strength.


Glass reactor has a very good corrosion resistance, for a variety of concentrations of organic acids, inorganic acids, solvents and weak base and other media have strong corrosion resistance. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for mediums such as hydrofluoric acid, strong alkali and fluoride ion, and phosphoric acid whose temperature is more than 180 ℃ and concentration is more than 30%.


As the glass reactor has both the characteristics of glass and metal, so its resistance to mechanical impact indicators for the 220-10-3J, the use of hard objects to avoid the impact. Glass reactor surface after 20KV high voltage test rigorous testing, with high insulation. .


In addition, the glass reactor can be temperature rapid change, cold impact to 110 ℃, and thermal shock can be as high as 120 ℃, indicating that it can adapt to a variety of different temperature ranges. With these characteristics of the glass reactor, naturally good alternative to stainless steel and non-ferrous metals and other equipment.


For now, glass reactors have been widely used in chlorination, reaction, evaporation, concentration, polymerization and saponification in the production and scientific research of petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, food manufacturing industry and national defense industry , Synthesis, sulfonation, nitration and so on.

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