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General procedure for industrial mixing tank cleaning
Jun 09, 2018

By means of cleaning, the safety and service life of the industrial mixing tank can be improved. Therefore, whether the industrial mixing tank is used in the chemical industry, the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, there are a lot of cleaning needs, of course, the relevant cleaning steps. Must master.


When industrial mixing tanks are used on different occasions, due to the variety of processes and products, the corresponding cleaning solutions must also be targeted. Under normal circumstances, ordinary materials can be cleaned simply, but more special or more difficult to clean the material should use high-pressure cleaning, cleaning solvent cleaning and other methods.


The conventional cleaning procedure for the industrial mixing tank is as follows. First, the material residues in the mixing tank are washed clean and then cleaned; then the inlet cover of the industrial mixing tank is opened, and the inner wall of the mixing tank is repeatedly flushed with water to make It reaches a clean state.


After the industrial mixing tank has been flushed, it is necessary to open the bottom valve to drain the washing water; immediately after the bottom valve is closed, 1/2 of the water is added to the tank; at the same time, the water needs to be heated when it is boiling. Then close the steam valve.


In addition, the liquid pump of the industrial mixing tank should be opened, and the pipes, pumps, filters and other equipment connected in series with the mixing tank should be flushed with clean water; at the same time, the inner wall of the mixing tank as well as pipelines, pumps, filters and other equipment should be flushed with purified water; Close the steam valve and access cover.


The cleaning of industrial mixing tanks is an important step in the production process, because the remaining materials or impurities in the production process will affect the quality of the product and shorten the service life of the equipment. The cleaning methods for different media are not the same. In fact, after the industrial mixing tank, the cleaning of tanks such as the mixing tank and the storage tank can also refer to the above steps. If it still cannot be cleaned, it is necessary to formulate a cleaning plan according to the type and type of the medium, and CIP equipment can be used for cleaning on a large-scale production line.

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