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Future domestic plate heat exchanger demand trends
Dec 07, 2017

The plate heat exchanger is the key equipment for the rational utilization of energy saving and the development of new energy. According to the statistics of Shandong plate heat exchanger, in modern petrochemical enterprises, the investment of heat exchanger is 30% ~40%. In the refrigerator, the weight of the evaporator and condenser accounts for 30% ~40% of the weight of the unit, and the power consumption accounts for 20% ~30% of the total power consumption. It can be seen that heat exchangers have an important impact on enterprise investment, metal consumption and power consumption.

The development characteristics of China's plate heat exchanger in the future

The future, the domestic market demand will show the following characteristics: put forward higher requirements on the quality of products, such as environmental protection, energy-saving products will be the focus of future development requirements; product price increase; the strong trend of product of personalized and diverse needs; gradually pay attention to selection of brand products; large engineering projects in favor of large enterprises manufacturers.

The good opportunities for the domestic economic development and the great conversion of the imported products are a good indication of the good prospects for the development of the heat exchanger industry in China.

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