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Flow channel method of spiral plate heat exchanger
Apr 16, 2020

Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger which is made of two spiral channels by two horizontal metal plate coils, and the heat between cold and hot fluids is transferred through the spiral plate wall. Since it is made of continuous sheet metal from the center of the spiral runner to the shell, it completely avoids the risk of leakage caused by the existence of refractory weld. Therefore, the flow channel of spiral plate heat exchanger can be used to handle sensitive and unstable dangerous fluid.


What are the characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger runner?


1. The length and shape of the runner are flexible, and it can adapt to different fluids. The geometry of the runner has great flexibility.


The flow channels of the spiral plate heat exchanger are concentric and have a corresponding number of distance columns. In this way, the fluid can also generate turbulence when the Reynolds number is low.


Three, the flow channel is not easy to plug, because the spiral plate heat exchanger USES a single flow channel structure.


How to choose spiral plate heat exchanger runner:


For the cold and hot two fluids for heat transfer, it is necessary to pay attention to according to the unclean and easy to scale fluid should go through the pipe, because the cleaning inside the pipe is more convenient;


This corrosive fluid should go through the pipe, after will also be able to prevent the tube bundle and shell corrosion at the same time;


The fluid with high pressure should go through the pipe to avoid pressure on the shell.

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