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Flat plate heat exchanger is better than the general heat exchanger equipment?
Apr 20, 2018

Flat-plate heat exchangers have many advantages over the previous heat exchangers. The most intuitive one is its compact structure, small size and light weight, because the plate heat exchanger plate thickness is only 0.4~0.8mm, which is not possible with other similar devices.


Secondly, its price/performance ratio is also very high. Using the same material, the plate heat exchanger costs about 40%~60% lower than the shell and tube type under the same heat transfer area. The heat transfer plate of the whole set of equipment adopts stamping processing, which has a high degree of standardization and can realize mass production, which also reduces the cost to some extent.


Due to the fact that different corrugated plates in the flat plate heat exchangers are mutually inverted, a complicated flow channel is formed, so that the fluid flows three-dimensionally in the flow channel between the corrugated plates, and turbulence can be generated at a lower Reynolds number, so the heat transfer coefficient High; and logarithmic average temperature difference, the end temperature difference.


For flat plate heat exchangers, it is also very easy to change the heat transfer area or process combination, as long as the increase or decrease of several boards, you can achieve the purpose of increasing or reducing the heat transfer area; or change the plate arrangement or replacement Sheets will be able to achieve the required combination of processes and adapt to new heat transfer conditions.


It can be found that the plate heat exchanger only has its heat transfer plate shell exposed to the atmosphere, so its heat loss is negligible and no insulation measures are required. In addition, the unique structure also makes it less susceptible to scaling, even if the structure is easily cleaned.

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