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Flat heat exchangers can be used to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning and geothermal
Aug 15, 2018

The use of flat heat exchangers can be used to form air conditioners. After practice, high energy efficiency ratio and energy saving are achieved, mainly by replacing the air conditioning three-dimensional heat exchange sheet or heat exchange tube heat exchanger with a flat heat exchanger. The way to eliminate bottlenecks that increase energy efficiency.


The key is that the application of the plate heat exchanger can increase the heat exchange area arbitrarily without increasing the volume of the heat exchanger. By controlling the ratio of the heat exchange capacity of the plate to the compressor when a certain temperature difference is controlled, the energy efficiency ratio is improved; Consumption, perfect combination with the building for easy maintenance, that is, the energy efficiency can be achieved by arbitrarily increasing the specific surface area of the plate heat exchanger to achieve energy saving.


In addition to its role in air conditioning, flat-plate heat exchangers can also play an important role in the utilization of geothermal cascades. The geothermal heat utilization system is divided into one water and secondary water systems by a plate heat exchanger to ensure geothermal utilization equipment. Reliable operation for safe heating. Under the action of the plate heat exchanger, the utilization rate of geothermal heat energy is increased by about 1.7 to 1.8 times, which improves the heating capacity of geothermal heat. In addition to the heat pump unit, the plate heat exchanger is one of the key equipment of this system.

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