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Five ways to reduce heat exchanger resistance
Sep 26, 2020

1. Heat mixing plate: the heat exchanger with heat mixing plate can reduce the area of the plate compared with the heat exchanger with symmetrical single flow.


2. Asymmetric plate heat exchanger: plate heat exchanger with equal cross section of cold and hot flow passage is formed.


3. Multi-process combination: multi-process combination arrangement can be adopted when the flow rate of hot and cold media is large.


4, heat exchanger bypass tube: can be set in the side of the large flow of heat exchanger inlet and outlet, when the flow of hot and cold medium is larger.


5. Selection of the form of plate heat exchanger: the resistance should not be more than 100kPa. According to different flow ratios of hot and cold media, the average flow velocity of media in the flow passage between heat exchanger plates is 0. 30. It is advisable to 6 ms.

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