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Electric heating reactor and HTF heating reactor basic situation
Jan 18, 2018

Commonly used heating reactor with electric heating reactor and thermal oil heating reactor two, not only between the heating medium is different, but the composition of the device, characteristics and applications are also different, it is necessary to be skilled To master better use.


Electric heating reactor is mainly composed of pot, lid, stirrer, electric heating oil pinch, support and transmission, shaft seal device, oil spill and other parts, which are also equipped with electric heating rods and temperature , Manometer and other accessories. As the user due to the production process, operating conditions vary, the formation of mixing is different.


Electric heating reactor heater is the use of flange-type tubular heating element, which is inserted into the reactor jacket inserted in the media to heat, thus transferring heat energy to the reactor chemical raw materials, such a way not only warming up fast, efficient.


Let us talk about the HTF heating reactor, which uses HTF as a medium, the use of circulating pump forced conduction oil for liquid phase circulation, the heat is passed to one or more with the heat equipment, with the heat equipment to unload, re-circulation Pump, back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the use of heat equipment, so cycle again and again to achieve continuous heat transfer, so that the temperature of the object is heated to achieve the heating process requirements.


At present, the HTF reactor is used more, but it should be noted that the heating rate should be strictly controlled at the beginning of the temperature increase, and the system should be kept in a positive pressure state while keeping the system in a positive pressure. High temperature environment, the time is strictly prohibited water and organic substances mixed to ensure their normal work.

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