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Elastic gasket for air heat exchanger
Aug 19, 2020

The softening of the elastic gasket of air heat exchanger is related to pressure and temperature. When the gasket loses its elasticity, the heat exchanger will leak. In some products, in order to solve the leakage phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, it is allowed to adjust the sealing performance of the heat exchanger, that is, tighten the bolts of the combined plate heat exchanger again and adjust the compression force of the elastic gasket between each heat exchanger to solve the leakage problem. On the nameplates of heat exchangers with this function, the allowable maximum and minimum stresses are generally given. For new heat exchanger sets, the connection should be fixed with the minimum allowable stress. Depending on the heat exchanger in each group the number of how many, can adjust the heat exchanger of one or more tight, every time tight, nut can be turned into 3 mm, and in the process of tight always pay attention to adjust the stress situation of slice, and only allowed to work without pressure heat exchanger, at room temperature to adjust tight force, to prevent the dripping.

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