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Effective tips to enhance the strength of stainless steel tanks
Jan 23, 2018

If the stainless steel tank to withstand a relatively large load, then it may have a larger deformation of the steel, which means that the stiffness of the design needs of the stainless steel tank material structure to increase the thickness. However, the increased thickness will not only create difficulties for the stainless steel tank forming process, but will also significantly increase production costs. In this case, how to properly solve the problem of stainless steel tank strength?


The majority of manufacturers there are still many ways to this, for example, can be used in stainless steel storage tank to strengthen the ring, it can be set in the cylinder, the tank outside, but no matter from the aesthetic or strength considerations, apparently in the cylinder, tank Body internal settings better.


Or for stainless steel supervisors to install bearings to meet its load-bearing and fixed requirements, for most small and medium-sized stainless steel storage tank with two saddle bearings, its role and the same as the beam extension. However, in contact with the stainless steel tank, the bearing plays the role of a cylindrical shell where the stress is significantly increased. The design should be based on the formula and diagram to consider the setting of the reinforcing ring.


Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel tank head with hemispherical, semi-ellipsoid and dish and so on a variety of different forms, for construction convenience, body and head can be formed separately, to be a certain thickness and then connect the whole paste system. Because of changes in the curvature of the outer diameter of the line should be reinforced at this time to eliminate stress.


Through the above three operating skills, the problem of strengthening the strength of the stainless steel storage tank is effectively solved, thereby helping the stainless steel storage tank to better extend the service life during use. It also ensures the stability and safety of stainless steel tanks.

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